Lavender is well known for it’s lovely color, soft appearance, and soothing aroma. We humans have been using lavender in various ways for centuries. The Romans are said to have been the first to add lavender oils to water for washing and bathing. As a matter of fact, did you know that the word lavender actually comes from the Latin word lavare, which means ‘to wash’ or ‘to bathe’.

Lavender is most often used to help treat anxiety and relieve stress via the practice of aromatherapy. This gorgeous plant seems to have a slight sedative effect on people, having to do with the soothing or relaxing scent it gives off. I personally like to mix lavender oil and water in a spray bottle and keep it next to my bed. On nights when I’m extra stressed, sore, or just can’t seem to fall asleep, I give my bed and pillow a light spritz. The beautiful scent leaves me feeling really relaxed without the drowsiness or side effects that sleep aids can have.


There are some people that believe lavender can be used to treat minor skin conditions and/or injuries, but there has been little to no scientific evidence to support these claims. There also haven’t been many studies on the subject either, so take that information how you will.

Some people may have an acute allergy to undiluted lavender oil, causing them to break out into a rash. These people should avoid using any products that contain a high concentration of this specific oil. Never apply undiluted oil directly to skin.

Much like all of the herbal remedies, it is extremely important to remember that just because lavender oil is derived from a natural source, that doesn’t mean that it is going to be an effective treatment for every ailment. It is a great way to help calm and soothe the senses, but it is in no way intended to treat serious skin conditions.

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