Brown Sugar Exfoliant

Exfoliant? What’s that? An exfoliant is an abrasive substance that you rub against your skin in order to remove dead skin cells.


Brown sugar is a great exfoliant because of its abundance. availability, natural ingredients, and it’s coarse granules. The small sugar crystals scrub away that dead outermost layer of skin to reveal smoother, healthier skin and can also greatly reduce the appearance of blemishes. Because brown sugar is colored with molasses, it does not contain any chemical preservatives that could possibly lead to skin irritation. This is very helpful for people like myself who have sensitive skin and cannot always use the abrasive products from local beauty stores. Brown sugar has a very similar texture to that of wet sand, so while it’s abrasive enough to remove old and dead skin cells, it won’t harm or irritate your skin. There’s also a lot of moisture in brown sugar believe it or not, so it won’t dry out your skin either (this was one of my first misconceptions about sugar). Due to brown sugar’s molasses content, it’s a great source of B vitamins, which are antioxidants that could reduce or even prevent some signs of skin aging. In a nutshell, exfoliating pretty much readies your skin for moisturizers and makeup or whatever else you have in store.


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