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Hi, looking to learn a little more about Super Soapers and it’s creator? Well look no further!


I’m Lindsey, soap savant and mother to two wonderful little boys. I’m originally from The Windy city; Chicago, but ran away to California in 2009 with my oldest boy to escape the freezing cold winters and start a new life in the beautiful city of West Hills.24749_1441191432579_1756550_n


How did Super Soapers start?


Well, it all started when I was extremely young, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I was raised by my father who would frequently need to go out of town on business trips, this meant he had to take me with. I would explore the hotel rooms and began collecting decorative/hotel soaps from every place that we went to. I loved all of the different shapes, colors, textures and fragrances; I guess you could say I developed a soap fascination pretty early on. So, when I came across a woman that was making flawless faux food soaps, I HAD to learn more. I began researching online and reading everything I could find about soap, from simple homemade bases to intricate decorative bars and bath bombs.


Once I had several pages of notes and recipes, I bought my first batch of MP and began the experimenting process. I had so much fun that I thought hey, maybe I could make this into more than just a great hobby? Now I’ve created more than 100 handcrafted soaps and can’t wait to share them with you!


What kinds of products do you use?


Everything that I use in my soaps is 100% natural and tested by myself and my own family; don’t worry they love being guinea pigs! I’ve always had sensitive skin and most over the counter soaps, moisturizers, and body washes either leave my skin extremely dry or cause me to break out in an itchy rash, so I was determined to make something that everyone could enjoy. Some of my main ingredients when making my soap are: coconut oil, aloe vera, palm oil, honey, rosemary, thyme, basil, hemp seed oil, (extra virgin) olive oil, purified water, grapefruit, goat’s milk, vegetable oil, and soy bean proteins. Many of these items are even from my very own backyard garden, I like to use the freshest ingredients possible to make these unique bars.


You can learn even more about our products and how we create our soaps by keeping up with our blog!

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